Bangerz Spots Eye Protection

Bangerz has been a client since 2004, They came to me with an antiquated web site that they could not get the original designer to update after months of contacting him. I was actually referred by the designer. At that time, obviously, their main focus was to get updates done in a timely fashion.

Bangerz is the non prescription brand of a famous prescription sports eye wear company. Their challenge has been to get players who do not HAVE to wear protective eye wear to WANT to wear their goggles and shields.

We are using an introductory slide show as their commercial to get our customer’s attention and have the products available in several formats – by sport and by product so people can find what they are looking for immediately. Also a search feature for those who do not have time to look. We have called out the FREE SHIPPING option so it is Highly visible.

Our efforts are being supported by a Facebook/Twitter campaign that shows the price of NOT wearing protective eye wear. We are also sending people right from Facebook to the shopping cart. We have found that parents are the consumer – and not the kids!

Changing our focus has driven more online sales!

Annmarie Anderson