After we lost a family member, we were left with a box of his tie-died concert shirts, one from every concert he had ever been to. We could not hold the box, or hug the box. We also decided we would not really wear the tie-died shirts. So from his belongings we began making things we could keep close to us every day, and in some small way we felt better. We wore a necklace, or a bracelet, or hugged a stuffed animal, and found comfort.

Among our loved ones belongings, carefully placed in a file cabinet, was a folder labeled Rememories. In here were the mementos of his life, tickets from concerts and monster truck shows, and coasters from the restaurants he had visited on vacation. When we decided to create this business, it was obvious what it should be named.

To create your own Rememories, simply send us an article of clothing. We will turn it into something you can hug or keep close every day. Our hope is to help comfort those who are grieving by helping them feel closer to someone they have lost.