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Marine Embedment Anchors

Helix Anchors for permanent anchoring:
• Floating Docks
• Bulkheads
• Seawalls
• Fixed Piers
• Other

Helix Mooring Systems introduced Helix anchors to boat owners, harbormasters, and marina managers in 1992 as an alternative to traditional mushroom, deadweight, and pile anchors.

In contrast to traditional anchors, these environmentally sensitive Helix anchors offer High holding, long-life, & insurance premium discounts.

The Benefits


Our anchors derive their holding from the soils into which they are screwed. The Square Shaft anchors are installed with the aid of hydraulics to screw the anchor through resisting soils. Our anchors have been repeatedly tested by Mother Nature and tugboats with load measuring equipment.

The results of the first test (performed in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, under the watchful eye of area harbor masters, a marine industry reporter, and a representative of Boat/US) are typical of all the load tests performed.

Long Life:

Our high-load marine anchor is built on a solid, square shaft measuring 1 ¾” on a side. It is protected with hot-dipped galvanizing, and the termination includes a 1 1/8” shackle which encircles the shaft and connects to the anchor rode (Seaflex elastic rode, chain, rope, and cable have all been used successfully). Compare the mass of steel in our shaft with the steel in the eye of a mushroom or the staple in a deadweight block.

Environmentally Friendly:
Because these anchors don't drag around the harbor bottoms and can be effective with shorter scopes, these anchors are preferred in environmentally sensitive areas and have been recommended by some state agencies and scuba-diving tour companies.


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