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The Tides are Changing Our Online Existence Has Fundamentally Changed Information Overload Creates Noise Time Is Our Most Valued Commodity Engagement is the Key Address the issue YOU Have the Solution CREATE ACTION Convert Visitors to Clients SHIFT ... Engage ... ACHIEVE!

Your storefront to the World ….

That’s right we have just a few moments and a few images to capture a visitor’s attention and let them know who you are and what you do!
Capture your personality/brand and create a presentation that tells the clients you are looking for who you are and what you do!

That is what we do here!

dragonfly on flowers

First we have to get their ATTENTION

It seems a farmer was complaining to a friend about the trouble he was having in getting his stubborn mule to move. After listening to the farmer’s complaint, the friend said he knew just what to do.

“Get a two-by-four and whack the mule across the head with all your might,” advised the friend. The farmer was taken aback. “But how will that get him to move?” asked the farmer. “Well, you see,” the friend said, “first you’ve got to get his attention!”

Once we have their attention help your clients find WHAT they are looking for!

So many people leave a web site without ever finding the content they were looking for. YES it was in there – but it was buried, and they got frustrated and left.
We’ll make sure a visitor can find what they are looking for with ease.




More than Websites – Solutions for Your Business

We take the guesswork out of Websites, Social Networking, Graphic Design, Video, SEO and eCommerce.
Let’s find the customers you want and get them into your business.





Owner, Emery Designs

Who am I?

Briefly, my education is in fine arts and graphic design.

I spend 14 years working as a lighting designer and music marketing then worked as the marketing coordinator for Taylor Made Products (a 30Million +manufacturer of Marine products) for nearly a decade.

Since 2003 I have owned and operated Emery Designs.

We specialize in Adirondack Businesses and Municipalities. Adirondack marketing presents its own unique challenges and it has been my pleasure to lead my clients through successful solutions for their businesses. Your digital presence is covered and that is one less hat you have to wear!