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Do You Know Just Enough to be Dangerous?

Bull Elephant Seal with mouth hanging open

So …¬† You know YOUR Business and you KNOW you need an internet presence as well as Social Networking, SEO, PPC and all that wonderful stuff. You have probably looked at competitors sites – and of course you want to do a better job than they do!

You probably have bunch of REALLY great ideas that could really help your web developer design a plan that accomplishes what you want to do – and NO ONE knows more about your business than you do!

Bring these  ideas to your developer, tell them your goals and plans, show them websites you think are awesome. Then see what your team has to offer. Ask A lot of questions РWhy is important!

Choose your development/marketing team wisely. No one knows their Business like THEY do. They make think of things you haven’t even considered. Step back and see what they bring to the table and WHY!

Choose developers that specialize in businesses like yours, they have probably run into the challenges you don’t even know you will be facing, they probably know how you will grow, and most importantly – They know what you want, and how to get it!

The danger you face is to assume you know more about a project than your team. Remeber, you know what you want, but how to get there is what you are paying for!

It’s like building a house. You hire an architect to develop a plan and contractors to execute their specific tasks. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to put in the plumbing, and you trust your architect to tell you if you are building your house on quicksand (AND promptly advise against it).

Your marketing and online plan is the same thing. Hire an expert, express your desires, and listen. You may be surprised – and end up with the project of your dreams!

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