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Marketing Your Event

Alright, so you are going to the time and trouble to plan or attend an event.
You tell people about it, and put do much time and effort into preparing …..
Inevitable, the week after the event you hear

“Oh I wish I would have known about it – I would have been there!”


I have a simple formula that seems to work pretty well for my clients, and if you do it every-time you will be sure to enjoy the spoils – and gain some traffic/clients as well!

  1. Create an Event on Facebook
    Yes I know you posted it to  your page, but create an event as well. This uses a completely different algorithm, and if someone clicks that they are interested Рtheir phone will REMIND them the day of the event Рso they are sure to remember to attend! This also increases the chance of it showing up in others news feeds.
  2. Create an Offer
    People love an incentive, and if you put out a small discount or reason to book/reserve/attend. It can even create that sense of urgency required to finalize a purchase.
  3. Send Out a Newsletter
    Yes use your Email Marketing to let people know you have something coming up! They can make plans and invite their friends. Be sure to include your offer and POST the newsletter to your social media.
  4. Make sure to Add it to your Website
    This is what that slide show commercial is for! Make sure you take advantage of your news/events/blog to get the word out. This is a great way to update your content which brings you up in the search engines! AND, of course, use that Share feature in your posts to post your article to your social networking!!!
  5. VIDEO
    If you can put a few photos together for a video slide show this trips yet ANOTHER algorithm, and engages people in an entirely different way. Even better if you can record yourself talking about the event or giving a little teaser.
    – Have a post scheduled
    – Do a quick live video showing preparations for the event
    – Take a moment to engage with people – reminding them you are having the event, show them what is happening and remind them that there is still time to get there and partake!

It may look oppressive, but it really isn’t once you get used to it. Everything works together and gets the word out over multiple platforms.

Good Luck – And Have Fun!!!

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