Ostrich with mouth open
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Keeping Your Website Up to Date

Ostrich with mouth open

Why should you make changes to your Website?

Normally the fact that new content raises your position in the search engines is motivation enough. Plus there are a million amazing things happening at your business right now – and people would love to know about them!

However, the simple fact is that people are visiting your website. Yes people are Actually looking for information, and need your help!  So if we have old or incorrect content up there visitors get frustrated – and they leave!!

We are all busy people, and almost NEVER go to our own websites. It’s true! I  can be accused of being the cobbler with no shoes on occasion myself! I encourage you to visit YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Do the entire thing – search yourself on Google, land on your site and see it through your visitors eyes.

  1. Can they find what they are looking for (without knowing it is buried in the text on page 4 of a pdf file you posted). People do not read through long text blocks unless they REALLY need to find something out – and at that point the scan the information. MAKE IT EASY ON THEM!!!
  2. DO you answer their Questions? Chances are you know WHY visitors are coming to you! Let them know you CAN help them right away.
  3. Are they in the right place? Within the First 30 seconds of a visit to your page – the visitor should know you WHY they are there and you CAN help them.

People do look at your website, they have to use it to find what they are looking for. Are you making it easy on them? Just spending a little time and attention e each month can make all the difference! AND (Let’s face it)  that is the point of having a website in the first place!!!

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