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Marketing is Like Going to the Gym

I saw something last week, probably on Facebook that has stuck with me all week:

Marketing is Like Going to the Gym ….

This is SO true – in SO many ways.

  1. First – Even if you pay for your membership, it does you know good if you don’t actually go.
  2. Consistency is EVERYTHING both with exercise and with marketing
  3. You have to mix it up a bit, find what works for you and keep at it.

So many of my clients get so excited about taking out an ad. They put a lot of effort into it and it only runs once. They paid for it and they sit back and wait for the amazing results to roll in. They get so disappointed when the miraculous results promised by the salesman don’t happen immediately.

YES, you need to advertise …. it IS incredibly valuable.
That being said you need to be consistent. Look at your budget and your traffic and see what has been effective for you and what has not. Then eliminate the less effective channels, and invest more frequently in a resource that does work.

Ask if there are packages available, you can get discounts for frequency. Keep your message and your branding consistent.  Just about the time YOU are sick of it is when it is starting to work!

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