About Adirondack Jim’s

Adirondack Jim’s is a home based, part time custom sign carving business located in upstate New York, not far from the pristine Adirondack Mountains.
My goal is to make original, rustic wood signs of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

I aspire to bring the outdoors to my customers to make their homes, cottages, getaways a place of memories and comfort. My signs are all hand carved with specialized hand and power tools. I carve free hand and do not rely on any CNC (computer carved) technology.

I offer 100% satisfaction on all my work. Adirondack Jim signs come in a multitude of shapes, edge profiles, fonts and finishes.

All finishes come standard with indoor/outdoor durability and will adjust to changes in temperature, humidity as many camps and cabins often do across the seasons.

My products, tools and materials are made in the USA whenever possible!

The Challenge and Our Solutions

Jim Thomson is a talented Adirondack crafter. He makes these amazing hand carved wood signs.

Jim came to me as a new business not really knowing how to present and market his beautiful Adirondack style wood signs. He hahd been attending craft shows and trying to build in advance to sell at these shows, His real strength however, is in his custom work

We created a brand for him including: a logo, website, social networking, and a marketing plan. In addition to being an master artisan and woodworker, his personality is a big part of his business. We were able to capture that in the design.

Now, he has a booming online business and is booked with work almost a year in advance!


Super service, awesome Web design and marketing !
Adirondack Jims has increased our business 1000% in 3.5 years after Betsy did our Web design.

Jim Thomson
Adirondack Jims