• Leather jacket

All Leather Maintenance

All Leather Maintenance, a division of Perrone Aerospace is the top of their Industry for their excellent leather care and cleaning products. Because their focus is in Aerospace they have to exceed very demanding qualifications of the aerospace Industry.

In integrating non-aligned structures into existing legacy systems, a holistic gateway blueprint is a IF their products are number one in Aerospace – how great would they be for your boat, car or leather jacket???

The challenge here is that leather cleaning products are not the sexiest product in the world as far as creating appealing images! A photo of cleaner in its packaging just doesn’t tell the entire story here.
We created market segments to focus on and created content to show how this amazing cleaner would work in each industry. We support this with an online store and social networking.

We are still working on content specific video that will capture a clients attention, address their pain and show how THIS is the leather cleaning product you want.