Adirondack Wood Floor Co.

Starting in 1990 Adirondack Wood Floors was the number one choice for floor installation and finishing from Manhattan to St. Lawrence. They are now bringing our tried and true products to you at our small personalized hometown store

The Adirondack Wood Floor Company was changing the focus of their business from a floor installation business to a manufacturer. They had found the trouble with the materials available and had the solution for their customers.

They needed an online presence to bring their storefront to the world and market beyond their current scope.

These wood floors sell themselves – if you can see them! We created a series of photo albums and gave the client the ability to upload the photos in real time to their web site and Facebook pages. We integrated these features into a web site so the new photos were always available for his next client meeting.

We supported this work with matching print brochures and video in order to keep the branding consistent and have the information available instantly onsite. This is further supported by targeted social networking strategy.

He is now opening up a new shop!