Giraffe giving a funny look
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Why Do We Need a Plan Before I get a Proposal?

Giraffe giving a funny look

Emery Designs had been Helping Businesses with Online Solutions Since 2003! In that time we have learned a thing or two!

Taking the time at the beginning of the planning process to evaluate who your customer is and what you want them to do changes the focus of our project! Your Online presence is more than a business card explaining who you are and what you do! It is about gaining customers and engaging them in your business!

Anyone can throw content out on the web, but to do it with purpose and direction makes all the difference in the world!

When we are done with our Discovery process, you will have a roadmap to success! You can then take it and run with it OR you can hire us to implement the plan for you! It’s up to you!

(The Price of a Discovery is applied towards the cost of your project!)

Emery Designs has been helping businesses create solutions since 2003.