About Us

Discovery Process

We form lifelong relationships with our clients. In order to do that we do a deep dive into who you are, who your customer is and how to Bridge the gap between you.


Concluding Discovery is a Solutions presentation. An extensive road map to get from where you are to where you want to be. We then provide a Detailed Proposal with phases and options to move forward.

Content Machine

Your Digital Presence needs to be nurtured and measured. We have a proven process that drives traffic to your website and social networking every month!

The tides have changed.

When the internet was young, it was enough to have a website with lots of content on it. Most sites aged and did not reflect the state of your business as it changed.

With the advent of the smartphone and social networking, the way we do business on the net has changed. Time is our most valued commodity and people need to know they are in the right place immediately. They also need to see your solutions and how to engage with you ASAP.

We use funnel marketing designs with clear calls to action to help you with this.

Extensive Resources

Emery Designs is part of an International Digital Marketing Group. In addition to our agency partners, we meet with digital marketing professionals twice a month to discuss trends in the industry and the latest strategies. We are in class for 2-4 hours every week so we are always on top of the market for you!

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