Our Process

Step One – Let’s Talk

Book a quick intro call to see what you want to do and if we are the right firm to help you do it! Consultations are free – and we love talking about digital assets and marketing!


Currently there are over 4Billion users on the internet. If you are using your digital marketing as a sales tool you need to find the right ones – and bring them to you. This is why we do Strategy first.

Our Strategy Process is a series of 3 meetings where we discover who you are, look at who your customers are and figure out how to bridge the gap between you.

You don’t need to do anything here – except show up and talk to us! (We do all the heavy lifting). All our clients have found this process super valuable.

The Solutions Presentation

At the end of our Strategy Series we present you with your solutions. Here we define your goals, your customer avatar, funnel designs, lead magnets, content and strategy. This is yours to keep – you can stop here or hire us to fulfill the plan.

The Proposal Presentation

If you like our solutions we put them into a Proposal Presentation for you.  We find that it is best understood when we present it to you. At the end, you have a video of the proposal (in case you want to show someone else) And a One Page proposal with your milestones and Deadlines clearly listed.  If you agree with our proposal – we get to work!

Strategy Process

We form lifelong relationships with our clients. In order to do that we do a deep dive into who you are, who your customer is and how to Bridge the gap between you.


Concluding Strategy is a Solutions presentation. An extensive road map to get from where you are to where you want to be. We then provide a Detailed Proposal with phases and options to move forward.

Content Machine

Your Digital Presence needs to be nurtured and measured. We have a proven process that drives traffic to your website and social networking every month!