The Content Machine

Step One – Let’s Talk

Book a quick intro call to see what you want to do and if we are the right firm to help you do it! Consultations are free – and we love talking about digital assets and marketing!

Fresh Content is Key

The algorithms have changed. Now, not only do you need the most relevant content to a search – but you need the newest content as well! We have designed a relatively painless method to methodically release fresh content throughout the year. Keeping your digital marketing new and pertinent – driving new traffic to the site.


Every Year we review the past year and come up with a content plan for the new year. We set goals and decide where to spend advertising dollars. This way your content rolls out on time every month. We have a short monthly check in to see how we did each month and make any adjustments necessary.

The Process

We discuss the proposed content each quarter and interview you about it. Our writer then takes our meeting and turns it into an article. Our SEO Bloodhound then does his magic to attract our desired customer. We post teasers to the article on search engines and your social networking each month driving traffic to the article on your website.

Upgrade to Video Posts

If a Photo is worth a thousand words – A video is a thousand photos. We love video posts and find them incredibly effective. We use this whenever your budget allows – for ultimate supreme results.

The Monthly Check In

In addition to driving the content machine, the monthly check in keeps us both accountable for our tasks (which otherwise may get put off). We can freshen up any changes reflected in your business in your marketing. The agenda is always available so we can address any tasks/questions we think of that month.


Strategy Process

We form lifelong relationships with our clients. In order to do that we do a deep dive into who you are, who your customer is and how to Bridge the gap between you.


Concluding Strategy is a Solutions presentation. An extensive road map to get from where you are to where you want to be. We then provide a Detailed Proposal with phases and options to move forward.

Content Machine

Your Digital Presence needs to be nurtured and measured. We have a proven process that drives traffic to your website and social networking every month!