The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency (FCIDA) is one arm of the economic development team of Fulton County New York. They are the government arm that is tasked with deciding on financial incentives for businesses in Fulton County, NY.

The original site was old and unresponsive full of links to pdf documents which was cumbersome and hidden from search engines. It was so hidden that the way back in time machine cannot even find it – so I cannot show you what it looked like!

We began by creating a Website with navigation that was easy for the visitor. The next step was to build pages with the content from al the old pdf files.

We then interviewed 10 site selectors (professionals who find locations for businesses looking to expand) using our CDI (customer development interviews) They had a lot to say about what they were looking for in an economic development website. They were consistent and we have incorporated their recommendations into our development plan.

We re-shot many of the local businesses – adding interest to the design (I cannot express enough how much a good photo can do for design) and have just implemented out content machine.

They do not do much with social networking – but just posting the articles on their Google business listing has increased traffic immensely. We see it in the numbers each time we post.

Note: As you can see we are using the Fulton County’s marketing schema of Blue and gold – but have created a unique brand for the IDA in comparison to the CRG.

Next step – LinkedIn 

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Social Networking

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