The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth (FCCRG) is one arm of the economic development team of Fulton County New York. They are often the first contact for potential businesses who wish to move to the area.

We did a complete re-branding of the FCCRG based in the Fulton County Marketing scheme. (Blue and Gold). This is helping to maintain consistency amongst the economic development branches and also create a unique brand for the CRG.

Note: As you can see we are using the Fulton County’s marketing schema of Blue and gold – but have created a unique brand for the CRG in comparison to the IDA.

The CRG has 3 personas we are marketing to

  1. Potential Business Partners
  2. Businesses who need help and Incentives
  3. Potential Members

We have calls to action leading to landing pages as well as a strong content marketing campaign built on the content created from  their initiatives guide.

Through consistent use of the content machine we create a by monthly blog post that is supported on Google and Facebook posts – leading traffic back to the website. This has been largely effective at increasing their online visibility and increasing traffic we are looking for.

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Social Networking

Content Marketing

Initiatives Guide