Foundation of FM

The Foundation of FM   is the Fundraising are of Fulton Montgomery Community College. They raise money for projects to enrich campus life such as the sculpture garden, new radiology lab, and an update to the Theater which allows them to do some amazing programs.

They had originally contacted me to design their brochure for their golf tournament, but signed up for our discovery process and we came up with a great plan for them.

The main issue (as shown below) is that the college had invested in a great website to promote matriculation. Unfortunately, you have to know you want to go to the main website in order to find the foundation.

We decided they needed to promote themselves and have their own identity which would allow them to control the content – and show the world their accomplishments.

They also needed a forum for raising funds for new projects and their events.

Website Design


Social Networking


Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Graphic Design

Our Content Machine has been constantly raising both awareness and traffic to the new site which is increasing every day.

We have been able to bring events they have been doing to the forefront and really showcase accomplishments. Giving the fund raising efforts a showcase for potential donors as well as getting attendance for annual events.

FM Golf Tournament



Foundation of FM