Puree Arete

Puree Arete had a very basic older website that was not responsive.

We developed an ecommerce solution for them which had several unique challenges as we needed to offer both LTL and drop shipping for the products. (They come in a 5 gallon box OR a 55 gallon drum). They also wanted to use a Payment gateway that is not one of the standard solutions for WordPress. They began receiving orders the very first day we turned the shopping cart on.

After a bit of training they are able to update their products and inventory, add and remove products and manage their shipments and inventory.

They sell primarily to the brewing and ice cream markets.  We spoke to several brewers and found a unique situation – The Brewers did not want other brewers to know where they purchased their fruit puree. They love the product but do not want anyone else to know about it!

We are focusing on reaching out to Brew masters and have been using content marketing with newsletter and social networking support. Their traffic and orders have been increasing every month.

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