Puree Arete

Transforming Puree Arête with Digital Know-How

Client Overview

Purée Arête, an upstate New York manufacturer known for its decadent fruit purées, faced early struggles due to an underperforming website. Despite being the sole domestically produced line of purées influenced by true European craftsmanship, they were not fully capitalizing on their digital potential.

Challenges Faced by Purée Arête

Lackluster Website

The client’s website lacked engaging content and, more critically, the crucial e-commerce functionality required to broaden their reach and maximize online sales.

Limited Digital Presence

Purée Arête’s deficient online presence was losing the company’s online market to competitors with more muscular marketing strategies.

Stagnant Growth

Despite their exceptional product quality, the company stagnated, struggling to break through an invisible ceiling.

Strategic Solutions by Emery Designs

Emery Designs devised a strategy to address Purée Arête’s challenges and unleash their online potential.

Website Transformation

We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of Purée Arête’s website, converting it into a user-centric platform enriched with captivating content and seamless e-commerce functionality. The revamped website empowers customers to effortlessly explore and purchase products

Google Ads Advancement

To immediately enhance sales and visibility, we introduced a tailor-made Google Ads program that resonated with Purée Arête’s target audience. This program harnessed tactical keywords and ad placements to capture potential customers actively searching for fruit purée products.

Content Enhancement

Professional content creation was integrated into the website’s homepage, elevating its SEO profile and engaging visitors with invaluable information about the products. Now, the content embodies the company’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Results Achieved

The collaboration between Purée Arête and Emery Designs transformed the client’s business potential.

Instantaneous Sales Surge

The introduction of e-commerce capabilities resulted in immediate orders on the first day of its launch, revealing a pent-up demand for Purée Arête’s products within the online market.

Quadrupled Annual Sales

A year of consistently running Google Ads campaigns played a pivotal role in helping Purée Arête quadruple their annual sales. The strategic targeting and optimization of ad campaigns unlocked this impressive growth.

Organic Traffic Flourish

The integration of professionally crafted content into the homepage not only amplified the website’s SEO strength but also led to a notable surge in organic traffic. This organic growth indicated a strengthened online presence and heightened visibility among potential customers.


The partnership between Purée Arête and Emery Designs exemplifies the transformative power of digital marketing and strategic web development. By revamping the website, implementing tactical Google Ads campaigns, and enhancing content quality, Emery Designs equipped Purée Arête to unlock their online potential and achieve unprecedented growth.