Kasson & Keller

Kasson & Keller is a Vinyl Window Manufacturer based in Fonda New York who services the Northeast.

They make a phenomenal product, but were not getting the word out. Like many family owned manufacturers they had not done much with their marketing in the past 10 years. They are so busy making their product that they forget to tell the world about it.

They have 3 brands – Ecoshield, Masterview and Smarter which all needed their own brand identity. All the information needed to be updated and presented in a way that was easy for the viewer to find. All new photography had to be taken for each product and new promotional videos for each brand was created. (As well as new vector Illustrations)

This is being supported on social networking which is driving traffic back to the site using our content machine. We have seen a significant increase in relevant web traffic.

We have created all new supporting literature and one page downloads for each product. There are now multiple ways for the 3 customer bases to find the information they seek.

Currently we are bringing the power of the brand – Kasson & Keller, Inc (a fourth generation business with amazing customer support) to the forefront with the company website, video, and social networking.

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Kasson & Keller