Mustang Valley Sanctuary: an Online Rescue Mission

Assisting the Mustang Valley Sanctuary 501C3



Mustang Valley Sanctuary in Upstate New York is dedicated to rescuing and caring for wild mustangs and other animals in need. Founder Mary DeBonis’ mission is critical, but she faced challenges in effectively reaching her audience and communicating her sanctuary’s goals. She recognized the need for professional marketing to better support her cause.



Mary’s biggest problem when she came to us was an ineffective website hosted on GoDaddy. The original site didn’t adequately convey the heartwarming stories of the rescued animals, the sanctuary’s programs, or its mission. This made it challenging to engage with potential donors, volunteers, and supporters, hindering the growth and sustainability of the sanctuary.

Media Challenges Faced by the Mustang Valley Sanctuary

Limited Online Presence

The outdated website didn’t represent the sanctuary’s work effectively, resulting in missed opportunities to connect with a broader audience.

Technical Challenges

Mary lacked the technical expertise to create a compelling and user-friendly website on her own and struggled to maintain and update content effectively without support.

Resource Constraints

As a nonprofit, Mustang Valley Sanctuary had limited resources to allocate to marketing and web development, making it crucial to find cost-effective solutions.

Strategic Solutions by Emery Designs

To address these challenges, Mustang Valley Sanctuary partnered with Emery Designs. Here’s how we helped.

Revamped Website

We created a new website from scratch, showcasing the sanctuary’s stories, programs, and mission. The new site is user-friendly, engaging, and optimized for search engines, improving its visibility online.

Content Management System (CMS)

A user-friendly CMS was integrated into the website, allowing Mary and her team to update content, share animal stories, and post news without technical hassles.

Social Media Management

Emery Designs took over the sanctuary’s social media presence, creating and scheduling regular posts to increase online engagement, reach, and awareness.

Cost-Effective Approach

Emery Designs understood the sanctuary’s limited resources and worked within a budget to deliver effective marketing solutions.

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Now, with an engaging website and active social media presence, Mary can focus more on her mission of rescuing and protecting animals, knowing that her online presence effectively communicates the sanctuary’s goals. This partnership has not only improved Mustang Valley Sanctuary’s outreach but also helped generate the support needed to care for more animals in need.