Teaching Mom Technology

We’ve all got different areas and levels of expertise. When we use our experiences and insights to bring others up to speed, we create serious influence, build trust, and, most importantly, help people get more out of life.

The Power of Photography

Dedicating a portion of your budget each year to professional photography can increase the perception of value of YOUR product immensely. Photoshoots are probably less expensive than you think, and their value in digital assets (website, social networking, slideshow videos) can last the lifetime of your company.

People May Not See What You Think They Do!

You spend so much time creating your posts and organizing your Facebook page so that the important information is right there, and yet people are STILL asking you questions that should have been addressed …. How frustrating! Did you Know That not everyone who likes your page sees every post?

Marketing Your Event

Alright, so you are going to the time and trouble to plan or attend an event. You tell people about it, and put do much time and effort into preparing ….. Inevitably, the week after the event you hear “Oh I wish I would have known about it – I would have been there!”

Marketing is Like Going to the Gym

Marketing is Like Going to the Gym …. This is SO true – in SO many ways. First – Even if you pay for your membership, it does you know good if you don’t actually go.

Why Do We Need a Plan Before I get a Proposal?

Emery Designs, LLC had been Helping Businesses with Online Solutions Since 2003! In that time we have learned a thing or two!

Do You Know Just Enough to Be Dangerous?

You probably have bunch of REALLY great ideas that could really help your web developer design a plan that accomplishes what you want to do – and NO ONE knows more about your business than you do! Bring these ideas to your developer, tell them your goals and plans, show them websites you think are awesome. Then see what your team has to offer. Ask A lot of questions – Why is important!

My Logo Has to Be on What?

Your Logo. You developed it because you needed a sign for your business and something to put on your business card and letterhead. Why on Earth do you need to put it on EVERYTHING?