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My Logo Has to Be on What?

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Your Logo. You developed it because you needed a sign for your business and something to put on your business card and letterhead. Why on Earth do you need to put it on EVERYTHING?

Your logo is your IDENTITY! It is how people recognise your business quickly and know they are in the right place! In this day and age, visitors are scanning copy, posts and their newsfeed. They can wiz right by your content and never even know it was you!

A simple way to guarantee acknowledgement is to watermark your Cover Photos, and posts with your logo. This way there is no doubt it is YOUR business that has THAT special going on. It will register in the back part of their minds whether they realize it or not!

Every single Ad you do NEEDS your logo prominently placed – its the clue that tells people they need to look at the ad. If you are going to the expense of paying for an add – it is imperative the audience knows its YOUR business.

It may seem repetitive or intuitive – and it is – But consistency always wins!

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