People May Not See What You Think They Do!

You spend so much time creating your posts and organizing your Facebook page so that the important information is right there, and yet people are STILL asking you questions that should have been addressed …. How frustrating! Did you Know That not everyone who likes your page sees every post?

Why Do We Need a Plan Before I get a Proposal?

Emery Designs, LLC had been Helping Businesses with Online Solutions Since 2003! In that time we have learned a thing or two!

My Logo Has to Be on What?

Your Logo. You developed it because you needed a sign for your business and something to put on your business card and letterhead. Why on Earth do you need to put it on EVERYTHING?

Keeping Your Website Up to Date

The simple fact is that people are visiting your website. Yes people are Actually looking for information, and need your help! So if we have old or incorrect content up there visitors get frustrated – and they leave!!