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People May Not See What You Think They Do!

You spend so much time creating your posts and organizing your Facebook page so that the important information is right there, and yet people are STILL asking you questions that should have been addressed …. How frustrating!

Did you Know


That not everyone who likes your page sees every post?

That’s right! Facebook may only put your post in a persons news feed once in a while, so even if you do post – they may not ever see it!

How do you address this?

    • Post often, the more you post, the more likely your likes will see it eventually.
    • Boost a post, spend a few bucks, it doesn’t have to be a lot – just give it a little help if you really want people to know!
    • Make sure you create an event as well as posts about the event. The event algorithm works in a completely different way than posts. People who may not even like your page may find out about your event in this way.


People aren’t visiting Your Actual Facebook Page ….


People are more likely to see a post in their news feed than to visit your actual page and see what you have posted. Just keep this in mind when you post and have any pertinent information in there – or add a link to more information or actions you want the viewer to perform.

This is true with your web page as well. We all assume people begin their engagement on our home page, but this is not true. What ever they have searched for may lead them to a different page on the website.

Make sure you address the issues a person who is searching for just information may want to know.Any of your pages can serve as a landing page with its own mechanisms and calls to action.

Happy Posting!

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